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Sunbird Bioenergy is building a portfolio of sustainable biofuel projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Our vision is to become the largest producer of sustainable bioethanol within those regions »
Sustainable feedstock is sourced from our own plantations and through regional out-grower programs. The feedstock is then converted into bioethanol in our regional biorefineries »
Bioethanol is a drop-in alternative fuel and is most commonly blended with petrol and sold as gasohol (E5, E10 and E15). Cars do not require any engine modification to be fuelled by gasohol »

Sustainable Feedstock


Bioethanol Production (Fermentation and distillation)



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Sunbird Bioenergy works with local government and communities to implement their rural development goals as well as produce surplus sustainable feedstock »
Sunbird signs agreement with Zambia's Mahtani Group to build and operate a biorefinery that will source cassava from local out-growers — a major economic boost for Luapula »
  Rural Development Agenda and food Security

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